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If you need songs for your next recording project, TV show, video, movie, you've come to the right place. We represent 6 publishing companies comprised of hundreds of songs in many different genres. Here are some mp3 examples of songs in our catalogs available for placement.     Singer/Songwriter

"Second Hand Rose" (3 MB)
Singer Songwriter - Male

"The Way" (2.9 MB)
Singer Songwriter - Female

"You Don't Have To Love Me" (3 MB)
Singer Songwriter - Female

"Wounded Heart" (2.9 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Female

"All I Can Do" (3 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Male

"I Need You" (4.6 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Female

"Love Won't Fly" (3.1 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Female

"Time" (2.9 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Female

"What Am I Doin' Here" (4.7 MB)
Singer/Songwriter - Female

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